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 Traditional fishing frame used for leisure activities

 Year 1956


 Made in wood in a traditional shipyard


Master shipbuilder: Sebastià Roch Carles (Drassanes Roch de Tarragona)


 Length 6.15 metres     Beam 2.44 metres     Depth 0.75 metres


repared for sailing and rowing, it was built with ‘escues’, which are the parts on the underside of a boat that allow a boat to stay upright on land, so that it could be launched from the beach at Calafell, by its previous owner, the writer Carles Barral. The boat was made following the indications of the writer, and, despite having the appearance of a fishing boat, was only used for leisure. As Barral explained in articles in the press, he enjoyed sailing alone in the winter. The name of the boat is the same as the pseudonym used by Barral when he wrote. The colours used, and the eyes represented on the oars, are inspired by those of classical Greek vessels.

The book ‘Catalunya des del mar’ (Catalonia from the sea), was inspired by, and written in, this boat.

After the writer’s death in 1989, the boat remained on the beach at Calafell until the Port of Tarragona acquired it, and then restored it to be used in sail races and preserve it as part of our maritime heritage, incorporating it into the Port Museum of Tarragona, where it is now exhibited.


 Exhibited in:

 Port of Tarragona in Memory May-June 1999, exterior of Tinglado 1 on the Coast dock, Tarragona.

 Calafell Sea Fair, 31st of May to 1st of June 2008

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