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To contribute to the economic and social development of its environment in a sustainable way, in a context of maximum competitiveness, promoting the modernisation and adaptation of the port infrastructures to ensure the provision of services with an added value, within a framework of cohesion among the members of the Port Community, thereby promoting the professional fulfilment of its human capital.

The Tarragona Port Authority will carry out its mission with a strong commitment to the quality of its management, developing an activity that respects the environment and under criteria of sustainability, with a guarantee of safety, optimising its resources and making them cost-effective in a competitive way, integrating itself into international logistics networks, promoting investment and private initiative, and with special attention to the human capital of the organisation and of the Port Community as a whole.



The Tarragona Port Authority focuses its efforts on:

    Consolidating the Port system’s leadership in the traffic in bulk liquids and solids.

   Developing the strategy to become a benchmark Logistics Port that is a driving force of the logistics pole of South-West Europe.

     Being an intermodal reference point and one for integrating ‘motorway of the sea’ programmes.

     Being recognised for its importance in the economic activity of Catalonia and the Ebro valley.



     Leadership. Being an example and a point of reference. Being mediators.

     Integrity of criteria (honesty, ethical rectitude and dignity).

     Corporate social responsibility..

     An efficient and committed human team.

     Transparency and accessibility of information for the various players involved.

     Focus on customer satisfaction – both that of current customers and new ones.

    Operational excellence   Operational excellence

     Technological and management innovation.

     Respecting and caring for the environment and contributing to sustainable development.

     Complying with commitments and continuous improvement.

     Social commitment with the city and the Port’s socioeconomic environment.

Tarragona Port Authority’s Quality Management System (QMS)

The Port Authority has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) aimed at managing the processes and the resources needed to contribute value to its activities and to increase customer satisfaction, both internal and the external ones (Port Community, end customers, etc.), by applying the system effectively, with the goal of continuous improvement and ensuring conformity with customers’ requirements as well as applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Various certifications attest to the effectiveness of the QMS, both those obtained by the Port Authority (ISO, Service reference standards) and those obtained by the Port of Tarragona’s various maritime terminals based on Service quality reference standards for various kinds of traffic and for Port Services in accordance with Service quality reference standards that are applicable, approved by the TAP’s Board of Directors.



​​ Certifications



ISO 9001:2008 certification

ISO 9001 promotes a system focused on management by processes, which develops, implements and improves the effectiveness of a quality management system based on the cycle of continuous improvement: Plan Do, Check and Act.

On April 9th 2013, the Tarragona Port Authority obtained the UNE-EN ISO 9001 Certification issued by AENOR, which was renewed in 2016.


 The provision of services to the vessel, the goods and the passengers associated with the stopover in the Port of Tarragona.

Management of the Port’s Public Domain.

The provision of services for coordinating and controlling the operations associated with the Port services.

Coordinating and controlling the activities and commercial services directly related to Port activity.


In total this certification covers, apart from the 6 procedures required by the standard, more than 80 general or specific procedures. This certification is an international recognition by the IQnet association (International Certification Network) which brings together the leading certification authorities in the major countries of the world and guarantees a wide recognition and appreciation by the Port of Tarragona’s client companies and users. By obtaining this certification, the Port Authority demonstrates to society and to companies that it has a work system that is consistent, reliable, in accordance with the applicable regulations and that meets the requirements of its customers, and that it is capable of adapting to those determined by new customers wishing to work with the Port of Tarragona.


Quality of service certifications

The aim of the quality of service certifications at the TPA is none other than the recognition of the quality provided by the Port Authority, providing customers and society in general with an image of professionalism, transparency and safety, in line with the quality standards agreed upon at a national level, in the development and possible certification of other management systems. These certifications are based on Service Quality Reference Standards approved by the Board of Directors of the APT and ratified by the State Ports Body.

The TPA has the following Service Quality certifications:


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Environmental certifications

The Tarragona Port Authority has other environmental certifications.
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Information Security Management System certification

The Tarragona Port Authority has the Information Security Management System certification.
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Quality Management System body

The Reference Standard Monitoring Committee


The Reference Standard Monitoring Committee is the body that oversees compliance with the evidence, indicators and records arising from the application of specific quality reference standards for Port traffic and services in the period between certifications or in the phase prior to obtaining these quality certifications for the first time.

It is made up of:

   Interlocutors authorised in quality matters appointed by the respective companies, in accordance with that envisaged in the respective Reference Standards.

    Representatives of the Port Authority, of the managements/departments involved in the reference standards.


Publication of quality initiatives

At the Port Authority we publicise the quality initiatives of the companies of the Port Community, and to this end we publish the certificates on your digital card, which you can find in the Port Community’s Directory Of Companies of the Port Community, on our website.

In this section you can also download the form you need to publish the details about your company in our Port Community’s directory of companies.

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