Award for Research 

To promote and encourage research efforts since 2004 the Port of Tarragona Research Prize is called, which is worth 6,000 Euros. Research that addresses any aspect in the field of human science can be presented, primarily in the field of history, which makes reference to the Port of Tarragona or its area of influence. The Port of Tarragona Research Prize is awarded every two years.


Bases of the Nineth Award for Reseach -


The Eighth Award for Research is open to investigators and scholars both at the individual and collective level in accordance with the contest rules.

Deadline October 29, 2021 at 2 pm


Bases of the Nineth Award for Reseach



List of recently awarded work

2019: "City. Port and territory. Historical Cartography of Tarragona between the 17th and 19th centuries" by Patricia Terrado Ortuño

2017: “El Port de Tarragona durant la postguerra (1939-1952)” (2017: Port of Tarragona during post-civil war) by Sergio Serrano Sánchez

2015: Entre el mar, la terra i el sol. (2015: Between the sea, the earth and the sun). Social and labour history of workers of the Port of Tarragona (1887-1975) by Esther and Marc López Gutiérrez.

2013: Sanitat marítima. (2013: Maritime health). Coastal defence and public health (1720-1900) by Pedro Hermoso Otíñar.

2011: Els presos i el Port de Tarragona. (2011: Prisoners and the Port of Tarragona). History of 92 years of forced labour (1792-1884) by Montserrat Gisbert Bel.

2009: La Marina de Tarragona en el segle XIV. (2009: The Marina of Tarragona in the fourteenth century). Its commercial relationship with Mallorca by Guillem Morro Veny

2007:  declared void.

2005: 80 anys de construcció naval 2005: (80 years of shipbuilding by Enric Domingo García)





Catalogue of Data. Saturnino Bellido Collection

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Sources of Documents

Sources of Documents

In this section you will find which sources of documents you have at your disposal. In the majority of them you have access to download the inventory of the units which make them up.

Digital Archive

Digital Archive

Tarragona Port Archive has at hand an ambitious, titled project intended to make the most important and consulted documentary series in digital format available to researchers



With more than 10,000 registered and digitized photographs, the Images Collection of the Port Archive Port continues to have a significant volume of consultations.



From the Port Archive we have organized different kinds of events and activities with the aim of publicizing our Centre and our collections.

Award for research

Award for research

To promote and encourage research efforts since 2004 the Port of Tarragona Research Prize is called, which is worth 6,000 Euros.

Educational Archive

Educational Archive

The aim of informing higher and lower secondary students the important task which will be carried out at the Archive and Museum to preserve and disseminate

Library / Archive

Library / Archive

Besides the collections of documents themselves, the Port Archive also provides an important additional library of about 9,000 volumes, mainly based on port and maritime themes



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