A Singular Building

A building designed in the 1970s by the local architect Josep Maria Garreta that continues to define the profile of Tarragona’s shoreline.


The European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) has contributed 1,606,450.04 euros towards sustainable solutions for the rehabilitation project.


The EU Fund prioritises energy efficiency and a reduction in C02 emissions from buildings, infrastructure, public services, etc.
The reform will be in keeping with the objectives stated in the Agenda 2030 Sustainability Plan presented recently by the Port of Tarragona

A singular building of architectural value

The Port of Tarragona adjudicated the contract for the rehabilitation of the former Port Authority headquarters building to the UTE (temporary consortium) consisting of COMSA, SAU and Gestión Ingeniería y Construcción de la Costa Dorada (GICSA) at a cost of 4.7 million euros (ex VAT). The work began in April 2019 and the allotted execution time is 18 months. The project encompasses the comprehensive rehabilitation of the building, whose 4.828 m² will be used for administrative and port services.

The rehabilitation and reuse of this emblematic building has been a constant priority and an important objective for the Tarragona Port Authority. It was vacated in June 2010, when the Port Authority offices were transferred to the new building immediately next door. The former TPA headquarters needed to be fully refurbished to bring it into line with modern building regulations for energy efficiency, habitability, communications and safety.

It was in 2013 that the Port of Tarragona began to work on refurbishing and giving a new use to its former headquarters, as well as to confirm its place in Tarragona’s skyline. During those years it has been working on the detailed design that was definitely approved in 2018 with the corresponding adjudication of funds to allow the refurbishment to go ahead. The plan involves the updating and modernisation of the iconic building while maintaining its architectural essence.

After studying different options and possible uses of the building, it was decided to opt for a mixed model of administrative and port services. Thus, the Port Control services, currently located on the Catalunya Wharf, will be transferred to the 5th floor of the building, where they will share space with the Marine Rescue technical and administrative services, the TPA’s navigational aids department and the Pilot Corporation administrative department. It will also house operations rooms for the Harbourmaster, the Port Operations management and a crisis room.

It is planned for another two floors to be occupied by the offices of external firms interested in the location, while the other two floors will be used by the Port Authority itself.

Finally, the ground floor will allow the building to be used by the citizenry, with public services such as a conference room and a Port Interpretation Centre designed to explain the history and evolution of Tarragona’s port infrastructure.

This project is one of the many actions the Port Authority has been undertaking in recent years to improve the port waterfront façade. Along the same lines, once the rehabilitation of the former TPA headquarters has been completed, and with the objective of providing continuity to areas such as the footbridge, the seafront promenade and Km 0, it is planned to reorganise the area around the former and current TPA port buildings with a series of urban improvements. The Port’s aim with all these actions is to maximise the use and direct relationship of the citizens of Tarragona with the new port waterfront façade.



Interview with Daniel Vera, the person responsible for executing the plan and head of the Port of Tarragona Department of Infrastructure and Conservation. August 2020





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