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In the Port of Tarragona we hold corporate social responsibility as the bastion of our organisational culture, which is why we establish relations with the main institutions in the social, cultural or commercial areas. At an internal level, we set up a social commission for the Port of Tarragona, PortSolidari,  with the aim of channelling our workforce’s solidarity initiatives.

Thus PortSolidari arose from the confluence of two needs: to make the TPA’s employees participants in the company’s social responsibility on the one hand, and visualising the social activity of the people who make it up on the other. This project, designed in 2014, materialised during 2015.



Annual Corporate Social Responsibility report (CSR) of the Port of Tarragona

If you would like further information, you can access the ‘Annual reports’ section of this website.
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​​ Call for Silvia Cuesta Grants for social projects


The Port of Tarragona is CLOSING the 5th Call for Grants for social projects

The period for presenting social projects for the Port of Tarragona PortSolidari’s 4th call for Silvia Cuesta Grants for social projects is now open.

The call was henceforth be known as the Call for Silvia Cuesta Grants for PortSolidari social projects, in homage to our fellow worker and director of Organisation and Human Resources, who was one of the instigators of this project in PortSolidari.

This call will consist of 3 grants of a maximum of 3,000€ for each project. These must be sponsored by Tarragona Port Authority employees.

These are the considerations you need to bear in mind in order to present the projects. Download the rules and appendices so that you have all the information you need.

Every project must have a person who sponsors the project and who works or has work in the Port of Tarragona. This sponsor may be either a person who is still actively employed or one who is retired.

You can present a project for an association/body.

Each sponsor can present up to 2 projects from different associations or bodies.

The deadline for presenting the projects is MARCH 18th 2019 at 2:00 pm.




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Year 2019


Performed by


1. SOLC School


'Casal d'estiu'


2. Association ASPERGER-TEA of Tarragona



'Casal d'adolescents adaptat'


3. Miquel Valls Foundation


'Banc de productes de suport per a persones afectades d'ELA'



Cultural and leisure activities

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Next cultural events of Port & City

3 December 2019
22 March 2020
Exposició: Telos - Carme Porta
Refugi 1
14 December 2019

18:00 -
Concert de l'Escola de Música
El Teatret
15 December 2019

12:00 -
La fada de la neu
El Teatret
20 December 2019

17:30 -
Fes-Tecletes de Nadal
El Teatret
21 December 2019

17:30 -
Somiar amb els ulls oberts
El Teatret
22 December 2019
22 December 2019
12:00 - 13:30
La Tiona arriba al Serrallo
Passeig Trafalgar - El Serrallo
27 December 2019

19:00 -
Històries i contes per conèixer la nostra costa
Museu del Port

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