The Port of Tarragona believes wholeheartedly in intermodality as the way to optimise logistic chains and offer a better service to our clients, from both an economic and a sustainability point of view.

 The Port of Tarragona has rail line with Iberian gauge throughout the Port, and more than 10km of mixed gauge (UIC & Iberian). Additionally, it has electrified access to the wharves and terminals of the Ribera zone, which is dedicated to general loads.

 The Port saw the movement of 1,333,254 million tonnes of freight by rail in 2016. In total, 4.104 trains with 64.643 wagons circulated through the Port in 2016.



Rail in the Port



2 points of connection
to the general network

46 km

10.3 km

14 trains per day

250,000 TEUS 
 4 lines of 750m







The Port’s rail lines connect to the Saragossa-Madrid service, the service to Valencia, and the service to Barcelona, thereby connecting us to Europe.

The internal rail network of the Port provides services to the operational wharves. From east to west, there are three lines connecting the internal network of the Port to the network which belongs to ADIF, the rail infrastructure company of the Spanish State.

To the east, the first line runs through the Aragon Wharf to the Catalonia Wharf, in two parallel tracks throughout the coal terminal.

The second line runs in parallel to the left bank of the Francolí River. This second line provides access to the Castile Wharves (with three entrance points) and the Chemical Wharf, arriving at the Train and Chemical Station.

The third line, connected to the train line to Valencia, runs through the Hydrocarbons Wharf, and on to the Andalusia, Cantabria and Galicia Wharves. At the Galicia Wharf, there is the Boella Intermodal Terminal, next to the container terminal. This line also serves the areas of the Port which have general freight, such as the vehicles terminal, a multi-use terminal, and the future Logistic Activities Zone (ZAL).




Intermodal Terminal La Boella

Intermodal Terminal La Boella


The intermodal terminal of the Port, currently called La Boella, is an intermodal freight rail terminal with both national and international origins and destinations.


The intermodal terminal La Boella is a public terminal at the moment, open to all types of freight. Its activity, and its intermodality, are both connected to rail and rail transport. From the receipt or delivery of goods to units of multimodal transport, with or without maritime connection, it is closely linked to the rail network.


It has an excellent maritime connection, forming part of the very well-positioned Port of Tarragona. It is also next to the container terminal of DP World, and so has some of the best international maritime connections in the world.


The intermodal terminal aims to encourage imports and exports from and to Tarragona’s hinterland (Catalonia, Aragon and Madrid), facilitating commercial movements. As such, it is open to any businesses in the zone interested in rail transport and the possibilities offered by the intermodality available at La Boella, connecting rail to maritime and road transport.





  Receipt, formation and dispatch of trains


  Loading and unloading of containers


 Depot services: storage, cleaning, repairs


  Loading and unloading of freight trains   


 Consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo 



 Current Surface area of 5 hectares with possibility to expand


 Terminal open to all businesses in the area


  It can operate with all types of traffic: containers, mobile cranes, vehicles and trailers


 Able to load and unload dangerous goods


  Electrified access


 4 lines with mixed gauge (Iberian and UIC) on concrete platforms


 Capacity of 250,000 TEU


 Circulation of trains of up to 750 metres in length


 Apt for use with Mobile cranes


 Located close to the container scanner, for non-intrusive inspections 


 Terminal close to the Border Inspection Post




 The Port is working for diversification of traffic and for intermodality.  
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A privileged location

The Intermodal Terminal is situated strategically on the route of the Mediterranean Corridor, on the intersection of diverse connections to Europe and to the centre of the Iberian Peninsula.

Within the Port, the terminal is close to the ZAL (Logistic Activities Zone), the container terminal operated by DP World (on the Andalusia Wharf), and all the Health and Customs inspections services, including the container scanner, which permits non-intrusive inspections.

The added value of this intermodal terminal comes precisely from the proximity of the infrastructures most directly related to the traffic, control, inspection and transport of freight cargo.

In fact, the container terminal, the intermodal terminal and the Border Inspection Post are all within 500 metres, and very close to the ZAL area.


Inspection and control

  See the facilities dedicated to the inspection and control of freight in the Port of Tarragona   
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More efficient logistics


The Port of Tarragona actively promotes and supports intermodality, in order to optimise supply and logistics chains, and to offer clients a better service, both economically and in terms of sustainability.

The terminal should be taken into account by those companies which want to optimise costs and reduce emissions, and the terminal is also prepared for the new demands which will be made upon it by the market, having both European and Iberian rail gauge.  

The use of rail reduces the comparative carbon footprint, improving the sustainability of the transport process.  




  We are working to achieve excellence in our environmental and energy management. 
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