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The Port of Tarragona’s Publications Service was founded in November 2004 with the aim of collecting and managing all the published work that had, until then, been carried out by the Port of Tarragona, as well as establishing the criteria to be pursued in the authority’s publications, focused on disseminating the Port and maritime heritage, and designing an image and an appropriate high-quality editorial line.

The Service of Publications organises jointly with the Port Archive the Prize of Research Port of Tarragona  that summons  every two years.

Research Award

Further information about the Research Award in the section dealing with the Port Archive  
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Since its inception, and in conjunction with the Port Archive, the Publications Service has organised the exchange of publications, in order to provide an outlet for the publications while at the same time adding others for the Archive’s Library.


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​​ To publish in the Port


The Port of Tarragona’s various collections of publications are open to all those wishing to contribute works that deal with maritime or Port affairs in general, or with the coast of the province of Tarragona in particular. Novels or narratives are however excluded. The works presented therefore need to be completed, with their linguistic, historical and/or technical content corrected. This is an indispensable condition for evaluating them.



The works presented are submitted to an anonymous evaluation carried out by professionals from the Port or external ones, depending on the subject matter to be evaluated.

Intellectual property

In the case of all the work received, it will be considered that their authors are the original and exclusive holders of the economic and moral rights of the work. In the event of the partial use of outside works in creating the work, the corresponding authorisation must be enclosed.

The same will be true in the case of any images that may accompany the work. The author expressly releases the Tarragona Port Authority from any further liability for legal, regulatory or contractual infringement, obliging the author to redress all damages that might arise from the infringement of these rights or from others.

Publication of the work

Publication of the work implies that the Tarragona Port Authority, or any third parties authorised by it, exercises the rights of:

     Publication, editing, reproduction, adaptation, distribution and sale of the copies published, as well as making available free of charge to the general public by means of digital publication.

   This authorisation is non-exclusive, free, unlimited, perpetual and non-renewable in nature, and implies that the Tarragona Port Authority is released from payment or remuneration for exercising the aforementioned rights.

Work Presentation

The works can be presented via e-mail message to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The body of the message should contain:

     Title of the work

     Postal address

     E-mail address

     Name and surname(s) of the author

     Contact telephone numbers

   The same e-mail message should include a document in Word format, Times New Roman font, size 12, line spacing at 1.50 and with a maximum length of 2 pages, setting out:

         The author’s CV – maximum one page

         A summary of the work – maximum one page

The work, which should also be included in this message, should be submitted in Word format; justified text; New Times Roman font, size 12; line spacing at 1.50; bottom and top margins at 2.5 cm, and left and right-hand margins at 3 cm.

There is no limit in terms of length initially, although a minimum of 100 pages should be considered, without taking into account the space taken up by images.

Images and graphics should be incorporated into the text, in the place corresponding to them, in low resolution, and with the corresponding explanatory foot.

Any notes included in the text must be in the footers.

Standard correction

If the work is written in Catalan, it should be presented in accordance with the presentation criteria established by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans.”


Institut d'Estudis Catalans

Official page of Institut d' Estudis Catalans 
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If the work is written in Spanish, it should be presented corrected in accordance with the rules established in “Ortografía de la lengua española” published by the Royal Spanish Academy.

Ortografia de la llengua espanyola

Official page of Ortografia de la llengua espanyola 
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