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The Port of Tarragona’s Code of Ethics arises from the organisation's commitment to professional excellence, transparency and integrity. These are the values that make up the personality of the Port of Tarragona in all its aspects and areas of action, as well as those that guide and will continue to guide the behaviour of each of us who form part of it.


A necessary code of ethics

The Port of Tarragona’s Code of Ethics is a set of guidelines designed to establish acceptable conduct for members of the Tarragona Port Authority. It will be promoted and encouraged among suppliers, collaborating companies and entities that provide services within the Port Community.

A code of ethics for all  

El The Port of Tarragona’s Code of Ethics is a set of principles and values born out of our commitment to excellence, transparency and professional integrity. It aims to ensure a working environment in which people act in an open, honest and transparent way, offering considerate and respectful treatment.



A dynamic code of ethics 

The Port of Tarragona’s Code of Ethics it is a dynamic instrument. Anyone can make a query or report an infringement through the channels made available for that purpose.


Code of Ethics Compliance Committee

Tarragona Port Authority

Passeig de l'Escullera s/n

43004, Tarragona

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An accessible code of ethics  

The Port of Tarragona’s Code of Ethics can be consulted in PDF format in a specific section of the official TPA website. It consists of 7 chapters, 15 sections and 7 subsections in which the principles, values and attitudes of our function as public servants are defined.




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