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The Port of Tarragona is striving in various ways to reaffirm its position as a strategic location in the Mediterranean.

On the one hand, its powerful activity, coupled with its geo-strategic position, make the Port a determining player in developing the commerce of its hinterland, and at the same time of Europe, and consequently also on an international scale.

Without losing sight of the competitiveness that the Port system has to offer, the Port of Tarragona provides a number of other valuable activities that go beyond its historical role as a logistical platform for loading/unloading and storage.

For this reason, and in view of the way current markets, services and technologies are evolving, the Port faces challenges in order to constantly readapt and update its infrastructures - and processes - so that they can respond to the new requirements of the sector, both in the area of logistics and in the legal and technological framework.





In the Port of Tarragona, one of the most important elements of infrastructure in the country and in the whole of the Mediterranean, we are instituting a new management plan (2015-2035) that will cover the infrastructure that the Port will provide in the immediate future


We are carrying out various projects that should contribute to its positioning as a leader in the fields of intermodal logistics, containers, chemicals and also in the competitive world of tourist cruise ships


The Port of Tarragona’s immediate goals are: the Logistic Activities Area (LAA), diversifying the types of traffic, consolidating the arrival of cruise ships and contributing strategically with all the player in the area towards the arrival of new private and public investments




The Prats Outer Harbour Wall

Location: Southern area of the Port

Work to commence: 2018-2019 

Further information: This project will ensure that all Port activity is carried out in protected waters. The new provisional cruise terminal, which could be operational from 2020 onwards, will be built up against the Prats outer harbour wall.



The Logistic Activities Area

Location:Southern area of the Port

Surface area: 100 hectares

Work to commence: 2018-2019

Further information: The Logistic Activities Area will be used to accommodate all types of activities related to Port activity. The LAA will have direct access from the intermodal rail terminal, the container terminal, and the rest of the Port’s terminals and docks. As for its accesses from outside, a special infrastructure plan is being drawn up.


  Re-siting of the Single Point Mooring (REPSOL)

Location: REPSOL plans to re-site the single point mooring at the end of the current Moll de Cantabria dock outer sea wall (protected waters)

Draught: 25 metres

Further information: It will have a capacity for the major oil tankers that currently moor at the single point mooring.


The New Cruise Ship Dock

Location: adjacent to the Marina

Capacity: 3 large cruise ships at a time

Further information: It will have a terminal and a concourse for cruise ships. It is planned to come into operation in the medium term, when the temporary terminal that will be located at the Prats outer harbour wall has consolidated the cruise ship project.


The New Southern Area Dock

Location: Next to the Llevant dock

Surface area: 30 hectares

Further information: It is a very deep multipurpose dock that will enable the development of both bulk and general cargo traffic.



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