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The Port Archive was created in order to safeguard the documentary heritage of the Port administration from its origins to the present day.

With the creation of this facility the Port of Tarragona became one of the pioneers in the field of recovery of written and documentary heritage, an action that was strongly linked to concerns over cultural issues and to finding a bond with all people related.

The Archive hence serves the Port administration, but also the general public and researchers in such a way that over the years it has become a reference point for all those students and scholars interested in investigating the history of our Port, for people who have worked on the projects and the work carried out over time, for the economic activity generated or cultural relationship with the city of Tarragona, etc.



Tarragona Port Archive opened to the public on July 4, 1990 to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Modern Port.

At that time, it was conceived as a Historical Archive, but in time it has also welcomed the latest documentation thus becoming the general archive of an organization with information, both historical and administrative.

The oldest documents preserved in the Archive concerning the Port of Tarragona date from 1790, when work began on the modern port. From that date until the present, documentation has been increasing progressively to the point of becoming a considerable source, through which it is possible to reconstruct the history of Tarragona and the role of the Port both economically and socially.



The Archive in figures 2018

1,743 visits to Digital Archive

20,603 digitized documents

713 people attending to the events Archive

36,707 query to the Catalog Library



The Port Archive Technical Workshops


The Port Archive is part of the collective group of the ports of Spain and some of the working groups formed are a result of The Port Archive Technical Workshops the first edition of which was held at The Port of Huelva in 2004; the second at the Port of Tarragona in 2005, the third in Gijon in 2007 and the fourth in 2009 in A Coruña.

II Workshop held at The Port of Tarragona, 2005




About the Archive


Different documentation forms part of the Archive; the Library, the Newspaper Archive, the Digital Archive and Photo Library all making up a significant volume of documents in different formats, which through different tools are available to users of our Centre.

Sources of Documents

Sources of Documents

In this section you will find which sources of documents you have at your disposal. In the majority of them you have access to download the inventory of the units which make them up.

Digital Archive

Digital Archive

Tarragona Port Archive has at hand an ambitious, titled project intended to make the most important and consulted documentary series in digital format available to researchers



With more than 10,000 registered and digitized photographs, the Images Collection of the Port Archive Port continues to have a significant volume of consultations.



From the Port Archive we have organized different kinds of events and activities with the aim of publicizing our Centre and our collections.

Award for research

Award for research

To promote and encourage research efforts since 2004 the Port of Tarragona Research Prize is called, which is worth 6,000 Euros.

Educational Archive

Educational Archive

The aim of informing higher and lower secondary students the important task which will be carried out at the Archive and Museum to preserve and disseminate

Library / Archive

Library / Archive

Besides the collections of documents themselves, the Port Archive also provides an important additional library of about 9,000 volumes, mainly based on port and maritime themes




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