Integral safety

A safe port is a more efficient port

Comprehensive safety is collectively an important factor considered by the TPA in Port areas and jointly by the companies that make up the fabric of companies in the port community. In this sense we work in the management of public and private safety, encompassing aspects of technological and environmental safety, civil protection and port safety, among others.

Both the Port Management and the TPA’s staff embrace the commitment to protect human life and health, as well as the facilities and the environment. For this reason, the main goal of all the TPA’s components is to guarantee safety at work and succeed in reducing risks. In addition, all staff, including the administrative authorisations, concessions, vessels and personnel that operate in the Port of Tarragona, must remain vigilant in order to ensure safety and succeed in minimising the hazards involved in operations and facilities. The key point is the management aimed at achieving this safety and protection from hazards - both those that can lead to an accidental incident as well as a deliberate or illegal one. This involves the need to understand both the level of risk associated with the Port activity and its link to the consequences that can occur in the event of an emergency. Generally, it is virtually impossible to eliminate the hazards associated with a process, a substance or an activity; however, it is feasible to reduce them by adopting safe and watchful working methods in the management of risks.

Industrial Safety and Self-protection

Industrial Safety and Self-protection

Prevention, protection and elimination of the risks deriving from the activity in the port that may affect people and property, as well as the laws and regulations governing the material.

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Port safety

Port safety

Control and vigilance of the proper functioning of port operations and collaboration with other government bodies and forces that carry out tasks related to port activities and functions related to public safety.

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