From the Port Archive we have organized different kinds of events and activities with the aim of publicizing our Centre and our collections. Articles, virtual exhibitions, book presentations, social media, etc. Here are some of the projects and activities that are being worked on at the Port of Tarragona Archive.


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Tuesdays at the Archive

“Tuesdays at the Archive” is the Port of Tarragona Archive’s dissemination proposal begun in 2016. Once a quarter, it aims to bring subjects of interest to the attention of the public. Themes include the port, history and the sea, as well as the world of archives itself. The presentations can be in different formats: talks, guided tours, workshops, book presentations, etc. Here are some past Tuesdays at the Archive:

Talk: “Daily life in a lighthouse. Tarragona’s lighthouses and lighthouse keepers” by David Moré Aguirre, archivist and lighthouse historian.

Workshop: “How to organise and conserve the photographs in our family album” by Susanna Muriel, archivist specialising in photographic collections.

Guided tour: : “A walk round La Pedrera, the new town and the Port” with Ramon Aloguín, architect.

Workshop: “Document Conservation. Introduction and basic principles” by Anna Ferran, picture and archive material conservator-restorer.

Rephotography workshop: “Traces and destruction. A journey through the interior of the photographs of the Civil War in the Port of Tarragona” by Ricard Martínez, photographer.

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About the Archive

Sources of Documents

Sources of Documents

In this section you will find which sources of documents you have at your disposal. In the majority of them you have access to download the inventory of the units which make them up.

Digital Archive

Digital Archive

Tarragona Port Archive has at hand an ambitious, titled project intended to make the most important and consulted documentary series in digital format available to researchers



With more than 10,000 registered and digitized photographs, the Images Collection of the Port Archive Port continues to have a significant volume of consultations.



From the Port Archive we have organized different kinds of events and activities with the aim of publicizing our Centre and our collections.

Award for research

Award for research

To promote and encourage research efforts since 2004 the Port of Tarragona Research Prize is called, which is worth 6,000 Euros.

Educational Archive

Educational Archive

The aim of informing higher and lower secondary students the important task which will be carried out at the Archive and Museum to preserve and disseminate

Library / Archive

Library / Archive

Besides the collections of documents themselves, the Port Archive also provides an important additional library of about 9,000 volumes, mainly based on port and maritime themes



Cultural and leisure activities

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