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Do you want to work with us?

The Port of Tarragona’s website brings together the various public announcements, job opportunities and vacancies for the Port community in the ‘Work with us’ section. If there is no vacancy available that fits your profile at the time of your consultation, you can use the application to send your CV to apply for a job with the Port authority.

Work with us

There are several job opportunities related to the Port Authority and the Port of Tarragona and its community
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Who we work with?

We have a registry of companies available, where you can find the contact information for the various companies working in the Port of Tarragona, arranged according to their activity: shipping agents, stevedores/dockers, forwarding agents, etc.

Port Community

 Check the list
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Which regular lines do we have?

The Port of Tarragona is working hard to expand the connections on an international scale. More than fifty countries and dozens of shipping lines around the world make up the scheduled lines offered at this Port.

Regular Lines

From the Port to the world
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Where can you consult the current tariffs and charges?

There are several procedures, operations and services involving the clearance, payment and/or charging of certain amounts.

Tariffs and Charges

Read about the charges and tariffs
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Where can pleasure craft be moored?

There are two places designed for mooring pleasure craft. If the vessel has a length of no more than 12 metres, your mooring point is the Nàutic Tarragona marina. On the other hand, if the craft exceeds 12 metres in length, the mooring facilities are located at Port Tarraco.

Coast Dock Marina

Port Tarraco
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Leisure Port

Nàutic Tarragona
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Where can you carry out administrative procedures of these crafts?

The Harbourmaster is the body which carries out the administrative functions of vessel registration, and the issuing and renewing of qualifications, certificates and cards authorising professionals to work in the Merchant Navy, in addition to many other functions related to the Merchant Navy or fishing boats. 


How can you access to the Port zone?

The Port’s access points are restricted with security control points. It is therefore necessary to obtain the relevant accreditation for entering the Port zone. These permissions are managed by the Accreditation Centre, which issues and authorises access to the Port zone. Contact phone: 977 23 04 56

If you are carriers that load or unload goods with a marine origin or destination, you must consult the SIP regulations, or you can contact the centre via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are not, but you are staff members working for companies with a work centre in the Port zone; supply companies and auxiliary companies of Port activity; companies that transport consumables, supplies, etc. for use and consumption in the Port zone; or public bodies and institutions with competences in the Port, you must either consult the SAP accreditation regulations or contact the centre via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accreditations Office

Find out about the Port accreditation system
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Are you members of a cultural institution, association or teaching centre, and would you like to arrange a recreational or cultural visit in our Port?

Cultural institutions, associations or teaching centres can arrange an educational visit through the Port of Tarragona Museum. The Museum's Education Service is in charge of providing information about the different aspects in the daily activity of a commercial, recreational and fishing port like that of Tarragona. Visitors can also enjoy a visit in a motor launch to the Port of Tarragona harbour, in addition to other programmed leisure and/or public family activities, which can be consulted in the cultural agenda of the Moll de Costa (cultural Port's brand). These can all be arranged either via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephoning + 34 977 259 400 on Extensions 4422 and 4411.

Port Museum

Visit the Museum and learn about its activities
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Are you master's degree and/or higher education students and would like to arrange a technical visit to the facilities of the Port of Tarragona?

Please contact the Customer Service of the Port of Tarragona, and we will be pleased to be able to arrange this visit if you satisfy the conditions stipulated for exceptional visits.

Contact the SAC / Customer Service

Please fill in the digital form, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.
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How do you process an invitation letter to travel abroad?

These permits and procedures are handled by the National Police force. For this procedure in particular, you should consult the Tarragona Offices of the Provincial Police Station (Dependencias de la Comisaría Provincial de Tarragona) which are in Passeig del Gremi de Marejants (Moll de Costa), Dock Shed No.3. Get more information at (+34)  977 248 609.

Delegació del Govern d'Estrangeria (Government Office of Foreign Affairs)

For further information and other procedures, please consult this website
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How can I get vaccination shots for visiting foreign countries?

All the information relating to vaccination for certain international travel destinations is handled by the Ministry of Health; specifically Health Abroad. Its offices in Tarragona are in Plaça Imperial Tarraco, No. 4, 3rd floor. The telephone numbers for advance appointments are:  977 999 080 and  977 084 088.

Assistance for Travellers

You will find further information on their website 
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Where should you go if you have to travel with pets from the Port of Tarragona?

Transport of pets is governed by health rules in order to ensure their health and that of people. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment establishes animal health legislation. If your pet is within the accepted parameters, and you have to travel from the Port of Tarragona, you can obtain the authorisation to do so by consulting the Instal·lacions Frontereres de Control Sanitari de Mercaderies - IFCSM (Border Facilities for Health Control of Goods), which you will find in the PIF (BIP) building, located on the Moll d'Andalusia dock of the Port of Tarragona. You can consult them in person or by telephone (+34) on: 977 999 014, 977 999 015 and 977 999 016.  You also can send an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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See the related procedure and facilities
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Animal Health Regulations

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment
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How can I consult the Port Police?

You should consult the Support Office of the Port Police, located near of Reus dock access.You can do so by sending an e-mail message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; by telephoning on 977259450, or by going in person to the Oficina de Suport (Support Office), located in Trafalgar Street, (no number), Tarragona.

Port Security

The Port Police are responsible for matters of security and Port-City relations 
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