Passeig Marítim del Miracle


Tarragona a city open to the sea


A project for the city of Tarragona and its visitors

The work financed and carried out by the Port of Tarragona covers a stretch of 650 metres, from the entrance to the Marina to the limit of the Port Authority’s area. The urbanisation of the Miracle Beach seafront promenade has allowed the reorganisation of the area, with improvements to the pedestrian zones, including a variable-width pavement (minimum 3 metres, maximum 8 metres). The Miracle Beach promenade now has a two-way, 2.80-metre-wide cycle lane with a safety distance of 1.2 metres from the pavement, complemented by landscaping and urban furniture.

As far as the gardens are concerned, the Port of Tarragona has maintained its commitment to sustainable landscaping with native Mediterranean plants and allochthonous species adapted to the climate that can support long periods of drought, strong winds, salinity and a soil poor in organic matter. As a whole, the chosen species (Mediterranean aromatic plants and bushes, bulbs, climbing plants and native and non-native grasses of different colours) favour the survival of pollinating insects, such as butterflies and bees. The bushes and trees also provide a refuge for other wild species, including birds.

The new area is fully accessible and a new beach access ramp has been built. Tactile paving has also been laid along the whole length of the promenade to indicate the itineraries and the pedestrian crossings, which are slightly raised to improve pedestrian safety. The area designed for walking has all been built on the same level and all architectural barriers have been removed.

Work on the remodelled Miracle Beach seafront promenade began last May and took nine months to complete. It was carried out in different phases to allow vehicle and pedestrian traffic to continue in the area, while reducing the day-to-day impact on the zone. The total cost was one million euros.

As part of the design of the promenade, right in front of the footbridge lifts there is a balconet, a replica of the Balcony over the Mediterranean at the end of the Rambla Nova. It reinforces the idea of the union of the city with the Mediterranean Sea.



    The new Miracle Beach seafront promenade in figures:

    The urban furniture consists of 30 benches, 2 water fountains, 10 litter bins and four bicycle parking zones.

    New lighting has been installed on the promenade consisting of double-height columns to illuminate both the road and the pavement:

    30 new LED light points.

    Height of the lighting for vehicles: 7 metres.

    Height of the lighting for pedestrians: 6 metres.

    The main areas on the new promenade are:

    3,600 square metres of pavement consisting of 150,000 red ceramic paving stones.

    1,600 square metres of gardens:

        o 71 new trees (pines, olives and tamarinds).

        o 3,150 plants and bushes.

        o 35 different species.

        o All the landscaping has been selected for low water consumption with species that are well adapted to the Mediterranean climate and especially the coast.

        o A wall of vegetation to separate the promenade from the railway lines.

    1,900 square metres of bicycle lane painted red and separated from the vehicle zone by 420 reflecting recycled-plastic dividers.



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