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Communication and information designed to
ensure that Catalan becomes more widely present in the Port



Analysis of the language requirements of companies and organisations in the Port


Preparing and managing language use standardisation plans for companies and organisations in the Port


Consultations about
language rights


of materials


Announcement of tests by the Directorate-General of Language Policy


Courses organised by other institutions and online



At the Catalan language service we offer language advice to various groups in the Port of Tarragona in order to improve the linguistic quality of the texts that they produce

We advise especially in terms of:

​​ Linguistic and terminological queries   
​​ Text revision service

A continuación os presentamos una relación de herramientas que podéis utilizar:

Translators & Correctors

Automatic translators (list)

 Automatic online translation services and tools or software for this purpose 
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Softcatalà corrector

 Lets you find spelling mistakes, and grammatical or typographical errors,  and makes recommendations regarding style 
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Maxigramar corrector

 A spelling and grammar corrector designed specifically for the Catalan language. A demo version of the program is available free of charge. 
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Catalan spellchecker for Mac

 A corrector that can be used in applications such as Mail, Textedit, Safari and on the web 
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General and specialized dictionaries

Diccionari de la llengua catalana (DIEC) Catalan Language  Dictionary  

A regulatory and general dictionary from the Institute of Catalan Studies. Second edition


Multilingual Catalan language dictionary

A dictionary that contains examples, idioms and set phrases. There are also bilingual dictionaries between Catalan, Spanish, English, French and German. 
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Gran diccionari de la llengua catalana (Catalan Language Big Dictionary)

 Enciclopèdia Catalana. Free online consultation to resolve doubts about words in the general language. 
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Catalan-valencian-balearic Dictionary

Alcover Moll. Institut d'Estudis Catalans
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 General language dictionaries; Thesaurus and Catalan-Spanish, Catalan-English and Catalan-French dictionaries 
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Dictionary of synonyms (thesaurus)

El Punt Avui dictionary of synonyms
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Terminological dictionary
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Linguistic and terminological queries


A language information search engine that helps to resolve doubts about the Catalan language.
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Termcat's multilingual terminology database
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Allows searches from Spanish to Catalan and Catalan to Spanish of legal and administrative terms
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 Website where you will find the linguistic and terminological multi-search engines 
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Criteria of the Department of Justice

All the details for the correct drafting of legal and administrative documents, etc. 
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És a dir

 The language portal of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation 
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Company and language

What is your company’s availability when it comes to Catalan? Would you like to access the offer of assistance in increasing your range of products and services in the Catalan language? Would you like to promote the use of Catalan in your company?
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