La mar de contes i rondalles (The sea in stories and tales)


The activity consists of 3 separate parts:

Narrating 4 legends and tales about the sea. Each of these stories will be explained in the area that relates to it in the Museum (a mythological story in the Roman area, a legend of King Jaum I in the medieval area, one on pirates in the modern Port area and a story of fishermen in the fishing area).

A game. A giant game board will be reproduced, where the pupils will hear about other stories and tales, sayings, ways that sea-folk talk, songs, etc.

A manual workshop where participants will build a mobile with the sayings, legends and tales they glean from this activity.



Intermediate and higher stages of Primary School

Education in leisure time for children from 6 to 12 years old.

The general public and families of all ages.



3 hours for groups with a workshop.

2 hours without a workshop.



Group of visitors

2 class groups simultaneously. For more numerous groups, consult the Museum


Without workshop - 2.50€ per participant (50€ for groups of fewer than 20 pupils)

With workshop – 3.50€ per participant (70€ for groups of fewer than 20 pupils)