The Port is the southern European leader in the chemical sector



The Port of Tarragona, with top level infrastructures and draughts, supports local industry and is positioned on the Mediterranean as a Hub for the storage and distribution of petrochemical products.

The Port of Tarragona provides a diversified storage service. In first place, the investment in the Chemicals Dock, has allowed us to double the area of the Port devoted to the storage of bulk liquids. The extent of this area has currently grown from 18 hectares up to 36 hectares, and allows us to provide an opportunity for growth in the independent liquid storage terminals.  

Secondly, our facilities can store a wide variety of liquid products with full safety guarantees, regardless of whether they are oil, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, chemicals or other hazardous goods, which we can store in three separate terminals. The current storage capacity is around 800,000 cubic metres, and the intention is to double this figure in the next few years, in order to reach a million and a half cubic metres devoted exclusively to the storage of these products.


15.1 metres


1,600 metres


800,000 cubic metres


22 million tonnes




Port-industry harmony

Together, the companies of the chemical and petrochemical industry in Tarragona generate an annual production of 20 million tonnes, which represents 50% of the production of Catalonia, and 25% of that of Spain.

The Port of Tarragona is the logistics platform that is responsible for importing the raw materials required for the production processes in the chemical sector, and exporting the products derived from them.

For this reason, and above and beyond a shared strategic vision, the combined services between the chemical industry and the Port of Tarragona are one of the strengths of our logistics proposal that improves the competitiveness of local industries.


 Common pipelines rack, known as the Dixquimics Rack


 Regenerated water plant – a pioneer worldwide


 Chemical safety fire station, with professional and combined teams of fire-fighters


 Underwater outlet assembly to channel all the wastewater from companies


 Prevention plan and marine contingencies, by means of which the first chemical drill in a port in Spain was organised


 Communications network that aids coordination between safety installations and other public safety bodies




International standing

ChemMed, Tarragona’s logistics, industrial, academic and scientific, cluster was set up in 2014, bringing together the agents, companies, training and research centres, University and public authorities of the area.

The cluster is led by the Port of Tarragona and the AEQT (Associació d'Empreses Químiques de Tarragona – Association of Tarragona Chemical Companies).

It’s goal is:

 To ensure the competitiveness of the chemical industry

 To attract new investments to the area

 To create wealth and value in a context of security and sustainability




ChemMed Tarragona, the Mediterranean chemical cluster, was set up in 2014





Map Port Tarragona





Added value



The traffic in bulk liquids represents more than 60% of the total volume of the Port of Tarragona. The Port’s experience and know-how allows it to be an epicentre for the movement and traffic of all kinds of products and goods such as crude oil, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, chemicals, vegetable oils, or other hazardous goods, etc.; a process that is carried out in top level terminals with added-value services such as "Berth to Berth transhipment" or the intermodality which the Port’s infrastructure provides.



In Tarragona we do not suffer from congestions either on land or at sea. Weather conditions and a 365/24/7 service allow the Port to carry out all the operations efficiently. In addition, our Port is connected to the local industry and the national network of CHL oil pipelines, via pipeline. All this provides advantages of competitiveness, such as, for example, that Tarragona is the cheapest option for delivering hydrocarbons to the Spanish capital.



The Port is working to improve its facilities and services, with the aim of offering the best, safest, and most sustainable logistical option. In conjunction with the Tarragona petrochemical cluster, we have implemented safety stations at strategic points in the industrial estate and the Port zone, thereby combining the resources available for synchronising and improving the response to any incidents. In the same way we have a unique system throughout the Mediterranean: the Response Service Against Marine Pollution (Parc de Resposta Contra la Contaminació Marítima - PRCM), a combined service between the port terminals and the Port of Tarragona. The Port of Tarragona is also the first port in Spain with the double ISO 14001 and 50001 certification.





Who do we work with?


Independent storage terminals 

 TEPSA (Terminales Portuarias, SA) 
  TERQUIMSA (Terminales Químicos SA)


Industrial companies

 ASESA (Asfaltos españoles, SA)


Association of Tarragona Chemical Companies


An association that brings together and represents the chemical industry in the Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre regions, both production companies and ancillary or complementary companies and service companies in the sector.
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  The movement of goods in the Port of Tarragona is accompanied by a strategy of intermodality and efficient logistics.
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Commercial information






Chemicals Dock




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Discover the Chemicals Dock, one of the most complete options for the movement of bulk liquids in the Port of Tarragona.
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