Strategic lines

The Port of Tarragona’s strategic growth is based on five main principles: improving the Port’s international profile, diversifying traffic, promoting infrastructures, a commitment to cruise ships and sustainability. These are the five strategic lines on which the action plan initiated in 2012 turns, and this plan sets the growth targets for the Port of Tarragona in order to reinforce its position within the totality of ports in Spain and on the Mediterranean.

Based on this vision of growth and with the desire to serve the economic and productive development of its area, the Port of Tarragona has set itself the goal of becoming a major logistics centre for intermodal transport and one where highly valuable logistics activities are carried out.

At the same time, the Port of Tarragona’s service to its customers translates into a continued collaboration with the Port community in searching for and generating new business opportunities.



The Port of Tarragona is a powerful logistics platform that plays a key role in the process of internationalising the economy of the surrounding area, and of the rest of the country. The strategy is based on boosting its international profile in order to become established as a major Euro-Mediterranean hub for the transport of intercontinental goods. In this line, the Port of Tarragona is working hard to expand its hinterland, and is committed to strengthening international alliances with large operators, ports and port communities.

Scheduled Lines

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The diversification strategy positions the Port of Tarragona in a scenario of continuous growth, both in terms of the positive behaviour of the traffic, as well as the economic indicators revealed by its income statement. While, on the one hand, we continue to strengthen the main areas of traffic such as agri-foods, chemicals and petrochemicals, the Port of Tarragona is committed to promoting a strategy based on boosting general cargo traffic and higher added value cargo such as vehicles, containers, paper pulp, live animals, project cargo, fruit and steel products. The Port of Tarragona satisfies all the conditions to make it one of the benchmark ports on the Mediterranean in all kinds of goods, and has terminals that specialise in all kinds of market products.

Types of traffic in the Port of Tarragona

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The promotion of efficient infrastructure enables the Port of Tarragona to expand and grow, while at the same time responding to the needs of customers and operators. The new master plan for 2015-2035 envisages new major infrastructures in the Port such as the Prats outer harbour wall, which will include places for general cargo and the temporary use of cruise ships; or the definitive urban cruise terminal, among others. In addition, and with the aim of being able to establish itself as an important commercial, transport and distribution hub, the Port of Tarragona has made a firm commitment to intermodality. The Port of Tarragona’s ‘La Boella’ intermodal terminal and the Logistic Activities Area are the main items of internal infrastructure on which we are working to provide an impetus to the logistic activity in Tarragona.

Intermodality in the Port

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From a strategic point of view, the sustainability of the Port of Tarragona evolves in parallel to the growth of the whole infrastructure itself and its efficiency. The direct benefits on the activity due to the good environmental practices of the operators in the Port of Tarragona, and the lines of work in the field of environment are examples of the commitment of Tarragona’s Port infrastructure to sustainable growth. The various AENOR certifications, such as ISO 14001 and 50001, accredit the efforts of the Port of Tarragona to strive towards a more sustainable production, management, and administration The Port of Tarragona is one of the main Mediterranean ports that has started out on the path to sustainable growth, and this is based on a commitment to the environment and safety in the port area, and the pledge to becoming a smart port.  

Our Port and the environment

We are developing policies and actions that make our activity more sustainable.



The project for attracting cruise ships to the Port of Tarragona is showing very positive results. The brand name Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada will embrace all the players in the area that make up the 'cruise ship committee’ supporting a strategic line promoted by the Port of Tarragona. The commitment to cruise ship traffic was begun in 2012 and has exceeded its expectations in just four years. We expect to receive 40 cruise ships and 40,000 passengers in 2017, an increase of 100% over the previous year. At present time the line of work is focused on consolidating the Port of Tarragona as a call port, and on opening up the market as a home port.

An ideal area

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