The Port of Tarragona closes the 2018 fiscal year with 32.4 million tons handled and revenue of 56.5 million euros

The Port of Tarragona closes the 2018 fiscal year with 32.4 million tons handled and revenue of 56.5 million euros
14 Feb

The planned investment for 2019 is 25 million euros, the highest figure for six years


This morning, the president of the Port of Tarragona, Josep Maria Cruset, announced the Tarragona Port Authority figures for the 2018 fiscal year, which closed with a total of 32.4 million tons of cargo handled and a revenue of 56.5 million euros.

According to Mr Cruset, these figures represent a "year of consolidation for the Port of Tarragona" and follow a record year in 2017 (34 million tons). "In 2018 we took advantage of the exceptional results of 2017 to consolidate and diversify our traffic".

The decrease in some specific types of cargo was compensated for by diversification, with good performances in cargos such as cereals and animal feed, that surpassed the five-million-ton barrier; fruit, vegetables and pulses; iron and steel products; paper pulp; common salt and asphalt, among others.

2018 was also the year in which the Port of Tarragona made a major advance as a cruise ship port, having received 57 vessels and almost 100,000 passengers by the end of the year.

Record investment: 25 million euros

At the conference, Mr Cruset announced planned investments of almost 25 million euros for 2019, the highest figure in the past six years. He stated that "2019 will be the year for the execution of new infrastructure for the physical growth of the Port of Tarragona".

The most outstanding investments for this year are the first construction phase of the Puerto Centro Intermodal Terminal at cost of 1,950,000 euros; the cruise ship phase of the Illes Balears Wharf at a cost of 1,000,000 in this financial year (of the total project cost of 25,000,000 euros); the Xarxa Natura 2000 restoration project; ZAL accessibility with 300,000 euros of the 9,000,000 euros for the whole project; and the training building on the Rioja Wharf (1,200,000 euros).

2019 will also see the beginning of the refurbishment of the former TPA office building with 2,500,000 euros of the total project budget of 5,000,000.

He also referred to the digitalisation of the agrifood delivery system that will begin operation in a year, improving the logistics operations in this sector and reducing hauliers’ waiting times.

Mr Cruset also reviewed the projects undertaken during 2018, highlighting the rack and the urbanisation of the Chemicals Wharf, the vehicle storage zone for the future ZAL, the purchase of land for the Puerto Centro Intermodal Terminal, the new footbridge and the seafront promenade, among others.

In this area, Mr Cruset emphasised that "the investments of recent years and those planned for 2019 and 2020 make us more competitive".



Financial results: revenue of 56.5 million euros

In terms of financial results, the Port of Tarragona ended the 2018 fiscal year with a revenue of 56.5 million euros, that, although less than 2017 (57.4M€), it is still much higher than the previous financial years of 2016 (52.3 M€) and 2015 (51.8 M€). The operating profit was 8.7 million euros and the EBITDA some 31.4 million euros. The cash flow for 2018 was 29.9 million euros and the debt was reduced to 54.7 million euros.

These financial figures show that the Port of Tarragona −prudently with its immediate hinterland− generates greater activity and wealth in its surroundings than others.


The Port of Tarragona, a pole of attraction for international events

Mr Cruset also affirmed that the Port of Tarragona has strengthened its ability to attract major events to our territory. This is confirmed by the events held in the Port, such as the Platts Mediterranean Downstream Conference, the most important international sectorial conference for the world’s largest petrochemical companies; the PPI Transport Symposium, the most important event in the world for the paper and paper pulp industry, with more than 800 participants, which will be held in Spain for the first time; and the Hub Day, a conference organised by the Port of Tarragona that has become consolidated as an important event for the petrochemical sector in the south of Europe aimed at promoting the Mediterranean as a sustainable logistics platform.


Port City

From the point of view of the city, the Port is the focus of cultural activity, a generator of wealth and a fundamental executor of improvements. This is evidenced by the aforementioned investments in the footbridge and the seafront promenade, as well as by all the social actions undertaken in all the cultural facilities. These include the Port Museum, the Archive, the Tinglados (former warehouses) and the Teatret, which have attracted more than 141,273 visitors to the public areas of the port.


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