The Port of Tarragona takes part in Breakbulk Europe 2019

The Port of Tarragona takes part in Breakbulk Europe 2019
20 May

The port has one of the main project cargo facilities in the Mediterranean

The Port of Tarragona will be present on the State Ports Authority stand at Breakbulk Europe 2019 to be held in Bremen (Germany) from tomorrow, 21st May to Thursday 23rd May. The objective will be to publicise and explain the services and infrastructure the port offers to project cargo operators, as well as the logistics potential of Tarragona with the La Boella multimodal terminal in the port facilities and the Puerto Centro multimodal terminal project in Guadalajara-Marchamalo.

The director general of the Port, Ramón Ignacio García, and the director of marketing and business development, Genoveva Climent, will travel to Germany to promote the logistics services offered by the Tarragona infrastructure. The Port of Tarragona’s space on the State Ports stand will be shared with four concessionary firms in the port, Bergé, DP World, Euroports and Noatum Terminal Tarragona. The fair will have some 550 exhibitors and more than 11,000 visitors.

The Port of Tarragona will take advantage of the fair to consolidate its excellent position for contributing to the growth of this logistics sector, thus facilitating new business opportunities for the firms specialising in project cargo. It will also be able to consolidate its positioning as one of the benchmark ports on the Mediterranean for this type of special cargo.

One of the best ports in the Mediterranean for project cargo operations

The Port of Tarragona is one of the most highly specialised Mediterranean ports in project cargo operations thanks to the possibilities it offers. It has specialists in all types of transport and in operational organisation and coordination from the point of origin to the destination. Moreover, the fact that Tarragona has the largest chemical industry cluster in southern Europe benefits this type of cargo, as it makes available the powerful pool of professionals from Tarragona’s auxiliary chemical industry.

Tarragona’s port infrastructure offers its customers extensive dockside operational areas, ro-ro ramps and excellent road and rail access. Moreover, its privileged strategic location in the Mediterranean endows the Port of Tarragona with added value compared to the ports of northern Europe, especially thanks to its favourable climate, that allows project cargo operations to be carried out in the open air all year round.

It should be noted that the construction and assembly of a project cargo is highly specialised. It can take as much as a year and normally requires different vessels to export such large metallic structures to their final destination, often in another country.

The development and manufacturing proceed of one these projects requires some 1,500,000 hours of work and in some cases more than 500 workers. This boosts employment rates during the construction and materialisation of the project, as most of these jobs are filled by local companies and professionals with the necessary abilities and proven experience.


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