The ICAT and the Port of Tarragona jointly organise the 6th Port Law Conference

The ICAT and the Port of Tarragona jointly organise the 6th Port Law Conference
03 Dec

Tarragona, 30 November 2018. For the sixth year, the Tarragona Lawyers’ Association (ICAT) and the Tarragona Port Authority have jointly organised the Port Law Conference. This year’s conference was inaugurated by the dean of the ICAT, Manel Albiac, and the president of the Tarragona Port Authority, Josep Maria Cruset. Both speakers concurred that it is important for the lawyers of Tarragona to constantly update their knowledge of this particular area of the law.

Albiac emphasised “the potential of the port sector for the lawyers of Tarragona, an area in which we foster training so that our association’s members can take advantage of the opportunities offered by working in the area of influence of one of the most important ports in Spain”. For his part, Cruset highlighted “how important it is for the Port and the lawyers to keep their knowledge updated in a complex and changing environment that is permanently in need of this specialised training”.

The inaugural speeches were followed by the different presentations. The first speaker was Jordi A. Solé Estalella, head of the Regional Customs Inspection and Special Duties Unit, who pointed out the “legal lacunas for which a solution needs to be sought in European law and, if it does not exist, the European Commission should be called on to draught one”. The second speaker was Joaquín Guitart Ferrer, professor of Administrative Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), who focused on the regulation of maritime-terrestrial urbanisations.

María Rosa Sanz Cerezo, State Lawyer for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the EU and Cooperation explained the resolution of the State Ports Authority that sets out the criteria for port and port activity contracting. The final speaker was José Antonio Morillo-Velarde del Peso, State Lawyer and head of the State Ports Authority Legal Consultancy, who focused on the strategic environmental evaluation of the delimitation of port zones and uses.


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