The Port of Tarragona participates in the annual meeting of the EPCA and the Argus conference in Vienna

The Port of Tarragona participates in the annual meeting of the EPCA and the Argus conference in Vienna
09 Oct

The Port’s representatives met with various petrochemical companies and logistics operators to present the projects it is currently developing: the ZAL, the La Boella intermodal terminal and the Puerto-Centro terminal, among others.

The president of the Port of Tarragona and president of ChemMed Tarragona, Josep Andreu, and the Port’s director of Marketing and Business Development and director of ChemMed, Genoveva Climent, headed the Port of Tarragona delegation at the annual meeting of the European Petrochemicals Association (EPCA), of which the Port is a member. It was held from 7 - 10 October in Vienna (Austria). They also took part in the Argus Olefins & Aromatics conference, which was held in the same city.

The EPCA Annual Meeting is an important international event and a meeting point par excellence for the European petrochemical sector. It attracts more than 700 chemical companies and almost 2,500 delegates from some fifty countries all over the world.

This year’s conference focused on petrochemicals and the low-carbon economy and a search for more sustainable solutions, with speakers of recognised prestige.

The EPCA format is based on B2B meetings with the possibility over the four days of meeting with different production and logistics companies in petrochemical sector. At this year’s conference, the Port of Tarragona/ ChemMed cluster had a meeting table in the Logistics Village. This 52nd Annual Meeting was a business event with a worldwide scope for the chemical business community and attracted the main agents from the sector.

International projection

Continuing with its strategy of gaining international projection, the representatives from the Port and the petrochemical cluster held meetings in Vienna with various logistics and, in particular, industrial operators. They presented the projects they currently have under development, including the ZAL, the La Boella intermodal terminal and the future Puerto-Centro terminal, as well as the ChemMed cluster and the opportunities available in Tarragona for new investments in the petrochemical sector.

The Port of Tarragona’s representatives took advantage of the event to position its hub activities related to the storage and distribution of chemical products in the Mediterranean area. They also promoted the Port of Tarragona as a logistics platform for petrochemical products in the Mediterranean with the aim of improving the increasing the business of its operators. The expansion of the terminals has increased storage capacity, which allows for the diversification of stored products and opens the doors to new markets and possible new foreign investors.

The event was also used to promote the upcoming SECOND TARRAGONA HUB DAY to be held on 22 and 23 November. This will be the second edition of a conference organised by the Port of Tarragona in cooperation with the storage terminals and other ports. It is designed to boost this type of traffic.

Argus Conference

Argus, a prestigious consultancy in the petrochemical sector, brings together manufacturers, merchants, distributors and market analysts to discuss supply and demand trends, the expansion of world capacity and trade flows. The event was held on Sunday 7 October in Vienna and provided an opportunity to explore the future of international markets with analysts from the petrochemical industry.

The Port of Tarragona and ChemMed Tarragona’s objective at this conference was to communicate and improve the visibility of the cluster on a European level. They also promoted the cluster as an investment zone, undertaking networking actions to find potential new customers and/or investors.



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