Executives from the world’s stevedoring companies visit the Port of Tarragona

Executives from the world’s stevedoring companies visit the Port of Tarragona
20 Sep

They are members of the General Stevedoring Council taking part in a training course for senior executives focusing on the logistics of the port’s operations led by BERGÉ

Stevedoring company executives from different parts of the world belonging to the General Stevedoring Council (GSC) came to the Port of Tarragona this week to take part in a training course for senior executives. On this occasion the course focused on the logistics of the Port of Tarragona operations. The participants were able to visit the port facilities and see at first hand both the vehicle and agrifood product operations.

The GSC aims to promote the participation and training of the next generation of company leaders by organising practical courses in different ports in Europe and the United States. The objective is to share information, knowledge and contacts within the worldwide port operation and stevedoring industry.

The project, in which companies from all over the world participate, has international recognition and reaches our city under the auspices of BERGÉ (, a benchmark logistics operator and company with a base in the Port of Tarragona. As a member of the GSC, BERGÉ headed this project and visit with the aim of establishing joint working lines that can be developed in the future.

The General Stevedoring Council fosters analysis and debate on best industry practice in the areas of health and safety, labour relations, technology, innovation, productivity, procurement and the environment.

The delegation that toured BERGÉ’s facilities was made up of executives from Qube Holdings (Australia), Copenhagen Malmó Port (Denmark), KVSA (Holland), Belfast Harbour (United Kingdom), the Port of Cork (Ireland), Ultraport (Chile) and Ports America (USA), as well as the group’s secretary, Bruno Valkeniers, and the director of BERGÉ in Tarragona, David Parra, who hosted the guests.



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