Information about minimum services for the strike in Catalonia of November 8th 2017

Information about minimum services for the strike in Catalonia of November 8th 2017
08 Nov

 08 / 11 / 2017


As a result of the strike in Catalonia, convened by the inter-union -CSC of November 8th 2017, and in accordance with Royal Decree 58/1994, of January 21st, which ensures the provision of port services essential for the competence of State Ports and Port Authorities, the Port of Tarragona will comply with minimum services, which are as follows:

​ Those of surveillance, control and security required to ensure 50% (rounded up), of the entry and exit access points available, as well as in order to ensure security in all Port facilities.

​  Those indispensable for ensuring the normal progress of passenger traffic with accompanying vehicles, in the minimum services established in the Merchant Shipping Act (maritime transport services). In addition, services will be guaranteed for the remaining passenger ships with planned stopovers in the Port.

​ Essential minimum personnel required to ensure the carrying out of operations involving hazardous goods, including loading and unloading, when staying in the Port may represent a serious risk to people or installations. Similarly, the loading and unloading personnel required for moving cargo or emergency unloading for unforeseen contingencies.

​ The pilotage, tugboat, mooring, loading and unloading services required to ensure the minimum services established by maritime transport and those emergency situations or accidents that might require them. In any event, these services will have to be provided to passenger vessels with planned stopovers in the Port.

​  50% of  loading and unloading of new vehicles.

​  100% of marine signalling services and navigation aid systems.

​ The maintenance personnel essential for carrying out the established minimum services correctly.


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