Port of Tarragona self-protection plan dissemination workshop

Port of Tarragona self-protection plan dissemination workshop
07 Mar

The Port of Tarragona, in collaboration with the Harbourmaster, today organised a workshop for the dissemination of its self-protection plan (SPP), intervention teams and emergency management procedure. The session was held in the Port conference room. The objective was to offer an overview of the SPP, as well as to present a general framework for the actions to be undertaken by the different intervention groups in the case of an emergency and the taking of decisions by the emergency management team.

Understanding the objectives and needs of each participating group is a way of facilitating the coordination tasks during interventions in incidents or emergencies. It results in greater management efficiency and increases the probability of a successful resolution.

Taking part in the workshop, a second session of which will be held on 12 March, were the Port Police, the Civil Guard, Prevenport, the Chemicals Industries Security Teams, the Catalan Government Fire Service and Maritime Rescue.

The different interventions and an example of a practical emergency case served as a connecting thread to give shape to the different decisions taken by each group in their area of competence and to demonstrate how they would unfold in the framework of the intervention actions and emergency management.