DP World launches a direct Port of Tarragona – Genoa service

DP World launches a direct Port of Tarragona – Genoa service
12 Jun

The first ship, the Neuburg, with a GT of 7,852 and sailing under the flag of Cyprus, docked in Tarragona at the end of the month of May, at the start of a direct weekly service between the Port of Tarragona and the port of Genoa.


This line has a stopover every Tuesday in the Port of Tarragona, and with a transit time of 1.5 days it can unload the goods in the port of Genoa on the following Thursday morning.


This service is operated by the shipping company JSV Logistic, a shipping line known for finding the solution that best adapts to the logistics requirements of each client. It provides a quality service, with the greatest diversity of existing containers on the market, and is constantly seeking transportation efficiency for clients, designing and creating special containers that offer added value by adapting the container to its cargo.


Additionally, and focused on the chemistry sector in Tarragona, this company offers the possibility of loading its own tanker containers or dry containers, or "SOC" (including intermodal 21-22-24 and 30 feet containers, the ones used predominantly by this industry for intra-European traffic).


It should also be noted that, as an alternative to land transport, they offer the possibility of shipping loads in 45’HCPW - a container which allows the same load as a conventional trailer (33 Euro pallets).


The stevedoring company for this new service is DP World Tarragona, located on Port of Tarragona’s Moll d'Andalusia dock, and the shipping agent is Pérez y Cía, SA.


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