An intermodal and international platform


In 2008, DP World Tarragona, the third largest container operator in the world, opted for the Port of Tarragona.

The terminal is situated on the Moll d’Andalusia dock and has a capacity to move 450,000 of its containers per year. Scheduled maritime lines mean that a container in the Port of Tarragona can be exported to anywhere in the world.

In this way, this maritime service is a competitive improvement, reducing logistics costs significantly and contributing clearly to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Quality services


The container terminal in the Port of Tarragona is managed by the company DP World and not only operates the movement of containers but also offers other valuable services and general cargo services.


 Draught of up to 16.5 metres

 Enables 3 vessels to be unloaded at once

  2,000 sq. metres equipped as a temporary deposit warehouse

 Possibility of storing ADR OMI products for up to 8 days, extendable to 30 days in certain circumstances

 A logistics warehouse, integrated into the customer supply chain and with direct connectivity via land, sea and rail

Close to official services: Customs, health inspection, phytosanitary services, and scanner inside the Terminal, thereby reducing costs and time

 Certified weighbridge for weighing export containers, and issuing the corresponding certificate automatically (VGM)

 Cross docking/loading and emptying of the goods inside the container

 Transfer to the loader/recipient’s facilities and the terminal



Strategic location


The Terminal is located in a strategic position. In the Port area, the terminal is very close to the BIP goods control and inspection area and the La Boella Intermodal Terminal. This terminal is located on the Mediterranean Corridor route; specifically, at a point on the main route that works as a strategic node between the Spanish rail network and this Corridor.

Moreover, in addition to the future LAZ, in its immediate surroundings there is the largest chemical industrial park in the South of Europe (5 km away), and is thus an excellent choice for intermodal chemical product traffic.

In addition, the Port of Tarragona is the closest port to the Ebro Valley logistics area, and has good rail connections with the whole Iberian Peninsula and the North of Europe.

Furthermore, its location facilitates and optimises land transport and its distribution between the loader/recipient and terminal, since the terminal is well connected to the entire road network and has easy entry and exit access.





1,056 metres

four 750 metre railway lines 
(UIC + IBERIAN gauge)


3 Super Post Panamax
+ Liebherr LHM 500 mobile crane

2 ramps



200 connections


37,500 TEUS



450,000 tonnes/year


Regular Lines

 Learn about the network of Scheduled Lines offered by the Port of Tarragona. 
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 Learn about the intermodal services offered by Port of Tarragona..
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Inspection and control

 See the facilities for non-intrusive inspection of containers.
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From Tarragona to the rest of the world


All types of products are exported in containers from the Port of Tarragona: chemical products, minerals, construction materials, cars, machinery, agri-food products, food beverages, etc.

In the case of imports, in containers the Port receives frozen or canned food, also chemical products, machinery and minerals of a certain added value such as aluminium, coils or steel products.

The Port of Tarragona has recently established a new scheduled container line with Turkey, with a transit time of 6 days, on which it is the container service with the fastest transit time on the market.



Who do we work with?



 What is the terminal like? What services does it provide? What are the infrastructures available there? You will find all the answers on their website.
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