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The Port of Tarragona: a direct connection to 60 countries

The Port of Tarragona maintains a direct line with 60 countries, by means of the 40 scheduled maritime lines that it has established with ports all over the world. These established lines make it possible for goods from the Port of Tarragona to be able to get to anywhere in the world.

Aware of the need that companies in the area have to project themselves abroad, the Port of Tarragona has made a commitment to providing the facilities adapted to the requirements demanded by the new types of traffic. The strategy focuses on the logistics of comprehensive services for all types of goods, heading to any destination. The fact is that companies in the area of influence of the Port of Tarragona, strategically positioned, as they are, within the Mediterranean arc, cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to open themselves up to new markets.



Expanding connections

The Port of Tarragona is working hard to expand connections on an international scale for the benefit of the country’s business and industrial fabric.






Links with the major production centres

The Port of Tarragona’s commercial initiatives therefore focus on establishing and strengthening links, above all with the geographical areas where the major production centres are located.




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Wednesday 29 January 2020

12:00 -
 Presentació del nou servei de la línia Tarros amb DP World Tarragona
Sala d'actes de l'Autoritat Portuària de Tarragona

Wednesday 5 February 2020
Friday 7 February 2020
00:00 - 00:00
Fruit Logistica
Berlin ExpoCenter City

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