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The extension of the Chemical dock reinforces the position of the Port of Tarragona as a hub in the Mediterranean for the production, storage, and Distribution of petrochemical produce.


With the aim of doubling the current storage capacity of bulk liquids, from 800.000 m³ to 1.5 million, the Port of Tarragona will boast one of the best storage capacities in the Mediterranean market, with a wide variety of products and services, with added value, such as transhipment Berth to Berth.


Our position in the south of Europe and our advanced infrastructures permit us to respond to any logistic necessity with an efficient distribution of all types of petrochemical produce in ships, trains, lorries or by pipeline.


The Port of Tarragona, in conjunction with the Tarragona Association of Chemical Sector Companies, is a leader of the ChemMed chemical cluster, giving us better International projection, and increasing the International competitiveness of Tarragona’s industry.




2,840,000 m³

18 ha

36 ha

15.1 metres

1,200 metres  

1,600 metres  

 The sector is made up of a host of heterogeneous activities grouped into three main areas: basic chemicals (use and manufacture of raw materials), health chemicals (human, animal or plant protection) and chemicals for industry and for final consumption (products familiar to the end consumer). Basic chemicals make up the leading chemical activity in Catalonia, with a specific importance within the whole - not including the pharmaceutical industry - in terms of production. They are, in order of importance, followed by the chemical field intended for final consumption, and lastly, chemicals for industry and agrochemicals.


The chemical industry is undergoing a process of transformation in which areas such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, new materials and green chemicals are gaining significant importance 
We have an optimum positioning for the innovative development of new products compared to the new competitors. The main fields which may provide a competitive advantage over emerging countries are biotechnology, materials technology and process engineering 


Ultimately, Tarragona is an excellent area for implementing any activity related to human, animal and plant health chemistry since it has free floor-space available in the most important chemical industrial estates in the South of Europe and with the raw materials required for these activities, with storage space in the Port of Tarragona.




 Perimeter rack connected to Dixquímics rack



 Shield defences



 GER security docking



 Perimeter lighting



 Intermodal station for bulk liquids



 Safety and sustainability as priorities


Chemical dock





 Business and Commercial Development

 Camille Marty

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Liquids Traffic

 The Port of Tarragona reaffirms its position as a Mediterranean port, linking Tarragona’s important chemical industry to the rest of the world.  
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ChemMed Investment

  ChemMed Tarragona has 350 hectares available for new investments 
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  We consider intermodality to be the cornerstone of an efficient and competitive logistic offer. 
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