Welcome to the Port of Tarragona

josep__andreuWelcome to the page www.porttarragona.cat where reflects what the Port of Tarragona is, the leading operator in our county, one of the great engines of Catalonia and a benchmark for the whole community of maritime and port of Spain and the Mediterranean.

Speaking in terms of present and future, I want to share with you the great goal I have set as President of the Port Authority: The Port should lead the economic recovery in the Tarragona region.

We are a key to the territory and, as such, we have a great responsibility. Everyone expects a lot from us and our ability to lead the way towards the exit of the crisis. We have the staff, experience and tools necessary to achieve it. Now we must add the enthusiasm and effort required by this challenge.

With this great challenge as a goal, all together will give the best of ourselves to be proud of our role in developing the Port of Tarragona to the society and territory.

Regards and happy journey!

Josep Andreu i Figueras
President of Tarragona Port Authority


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